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List of Certifications for Energy Professionals

AEE is an ANSI-Accredited Certifying Body for the CEM® Program. The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certified Energy Manager® (CEM®) certification program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) based on the International Standard ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024. ANSI Standard 17024 is well-recognized within the industry as the highest standard in personnel certification accreditation.

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) was the first organization to pioneer energy certification programs. No other organization can match the AEE Certified Energy Manager® (CEM®) credential. Here’s why AEE certifications are used throughout business and government:

Only organization implementing energy certification programs for 36 years
Only organization that has certified 15,000 Certified Energy Managers (CEM)
Only organization that has certified over 28,000 professionals in specialty energy areas

  • Certified Energy Manager® (CEM)
  • Energy Manager in Training (EMIT)
  • Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP)
  • Certified Carbon & GHG Reduction Manager (C.R.M)
  • Certified Energy Auditor™ (CEA)
  • Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP)
  • Certified Business Energy Professional (CBEP)
  • Certified Water Efficiency Professional (CWEP)
  • Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEPP)
  • Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP)
  • Distributed Generation Certified Professional (DGCP)
  • Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP)
  • Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD)
  • Certified Power Quality Professional (CPQP)
  • Certified Residential Energy Auditor  (REA)
  • Certified Renewable Energy Professional (CREP)
  • Existing Building Commissioning Professional  (EBCP)
  • Certified Building Energy Simulation Analyst (CBESA)
  • Building Energy & Sustainability Technician  (BEST)
  • Certified Green Building Engineer (GBE)
  • Government Operator of High Performance Buildings  (GOHP)
  • Energy Efficiency Practitioner  (EEP)